The Neighborhood

Because I am grumpy, I do not like change.  I do not want large groups of people moving into town and I don’t want to have to wait in line to buy groceries.  Call me a curmudgeon if you want to, but I like what I like.   

Here’s what’s happening.  My neighborhood is about to change and I don’t like it.  There is a group that is planning to buy a large tract of land on the outskirts of town.  But the clothes they are wearing and the new age ideas they have seem to be a little unusual.  A few of these outsiders came into the Billy’s Café this morning while I was drinking my coffee and I almost spit my coffee all over the countertop.  Pam used to give me a free cup every morning, but now that she has retired, I am forced to pay.  I tried to boycott Billy’s, but decided making my own coffee wasn’t worth the trouble. 

I tried to listen closely to what they were talking about and I’ll admit, their conversation peaked my interest.  Mainly because it seemed so outrageous.  They didn’t want to eat meat, didn’t want to watch television and had a leader who was their one and only.  The way they were talking didn’t make it sound like they were planning on leaving any time soon.  I started plotting on how I could become their one and only.  Once I achieved prime status, I could get them to leave. 


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