The City

“That’s the thing about this city.  You never know who or what is going to show up next.” 

My father was once again warning me about the crime rate in our town of roughly 2,000 people.  The most exciting thing that had happened in town was when a movie ‘director’ showed up unexpectedly and said he wanted to use the townspeople as extras in his upcoming movie.  The excitement spread throughout our town like wildfire.   

“We’re going to be movie stars!”  Everyone was whispering over their coffee at the local café.   

As I sat at the counter and waited for Carol to notice me, I looked around at my friends and coworkers.  I had lived in Murray Cove my entire life and wasn’t sure about this movie.  My only thought was that no one in their right mind would shoot a movie in our little town.  Unless they were running from something or someone.  Lots of people came Murray Cove to disappear just like my father had.  I don’t think he knew that the Sheriff’s son had let it slip one night after a few beers that when my father moved to town his last name was not James.  I didn’t even think his first name was Robert either, but there were small time bombs going off around me that were beginning to prove me right.  I just needed to make sure I got out of town before my father realized what I was the one who turned him in.    


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