Soul’s Journey

My mom always told me that it was necessary for our souls to go on a journey so we could learn something.  That’s usually because she was getting us kicked out of apartment after apartment after she constantly was warned about being too loud.  She had never had an ‘inside’ voice and never seemed to learn that in an apartment, you need to be aware of the fact you share walls with your neighbors.  I had learned early on to keep my things to a minimum so I could be ready to go in ten minutes or less.  I had a few clothes, books, journals and art supplies.  All of which I could fit into the two suitcases I owned.   

I had never been too infatuated with material items which was probably due to the fact I never had a chance to own much.  Several of my friends (I had had lots due to the fact I changed schools so much) longed for video games and electronics and spent much of their time staring at screens.  Not only could we not afford electronics, I found games to be mind numbing when I played for more than thirty minutes.  I never understood how my friends could sit in one place for so long and not think about anything.  I also hated to be stuck inside for too long.  My soul’s journey required me to be outside where I could dream and roam wild.  I was terrified of being locked inside. 


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