Recycled Art

I was taught how to recycle at a young age.  We literally reused or recycled 98% of the items we brought home.  I think this is where I got my sense of style as well as my art style.  I loved going to thrift stores to buy clothing so I could mix and match my outfits without spending fifty dollars on one shirt.  My art style was also influenced by my need to thrift and I painted on anything I could find – wood, tiles, cardboard.  I was not particular about very much.  One of my favorite creations was when I created an entire art book solely out of cardboard.  Spray paint and acrylic paint were my go to art supplies so I spent a lot of time in the backyard. 

The house seemed lonely now that it was just me and my parents.  I was the youngest of five and Mary was the most recent high school graduate and left to study at USC two weeks ago.  I had never quite realized how quiet my parents were until I was the only left at home with them.  I think my siblings and I made up for my parents’ lack of noise.  The more time I spent in the backyard creating, the more I noticed how my art was changing.  The solitude and fresh air brought more of a calm vibe than the vibe I got with five siblings.  I had never been so happy to be spending time alone.  


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