The Song

Growing up, I never really had a song that I could relate to my life.  My dad never listened to anything but NPR and sports radio so music was hardly played at our house.  My friends always talk about ‘Oh this song was playing when I was buying my prom dress!’ or ‘This song reminds me of that summer I spent at the lake!’  I really have no songs associated with the big events in my life.  Being it was just my dad and I, I associated most of my life events with how well the Red Sox were doing. 

When I finally left for college, I was determined I would have a song associated with at least some part of college.  I decided that if I had kids, I wanted to be able to tell them “This song reminds me of this time in college…”  I’m hoping they will be good memories so I can tell the story to my children instead of the stories my dad told me about his first semester of college.  The parties, the grades, the classes.  I think it was all a little overwhelming for him, but I had been waiting impatiently for college. 

I wanted to get out on my own and discover life.  I was tired of being stuck in a sleepy little town with nothing to do.  I wanted to live wild and free.  I wanted to make bad decisions and stay up too late.  College seemed like the perfect remedy. 


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