This City

“That’s the thing about this city.  It never sleeps and neither do you.  I am constantly finding new things to do and places to go.”   

As Frank talked, I stared out the window at the farm he currently lived on and wondered what he was talking about.  How could he find so many different things to go to?  All I saw were cows, a few chickens and one horse.  I guess I got the point of never sleeping because ethe rooster would cry indiscriminately.  It didn’t matter what time it was or if the sun was up, he was out in the yard crowing.  Other than him, the farm seemed to be fairly quiet. 

I had only been here for a week so there has to be something I am missing.  I was in desperate need for a job when there was a listing to help Mitch around his small farm.  It was a win-win for me in that there was a room above the barn that I could sleep in if I helped with the chores.  As the days went on and I listened more to Mitch’s stories, red flags started to fly.  My paranoia was growing as he continued to share stories about the city and how things were so different lately. 

I tried to make the best of a weird situation until I couldn’t.  The night I woke up and saw Frank sharpening a knife by the light of the moon.  And staring at my window. 


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