I knew exactly how to reconnect with my life.  The first thing I needed to do was to sit outside and soak up the sun.  Living in a small apartment with my mom sometimes made this hard.  She was naturally not an outdoors person.  At all.  She went from the apartment to the car to work and home again and considered those brief seconds outside to be all she needed for the day.  I needed to feel the fresh air as much as possible.  If I was stuck inside all day, I thought I would lose my mind. 

As I grew older, I knew I had to find a job that allowed me to spend as much time outside as I possibly could.  My mom asked me about once a month what I wanted to do for a career and how I was going to get there.  Usually, I had several different ideas for what I wanted to do and my list was constantly growing and expanding.  My list of what I needed to learn and classes I needed to take was also growing. 

At the moment, I wanted to be an artist and writer and was trying to figure out if I could intertwine the two into a career.  I knew that even though my mom never wanted me to move out because we both knew she would be lonely, I also knew I had to live life on my own terms.  And it needed to be fully outside. 


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