I was overwhelmed and scared as hell.  I didn’t really know what I was doing and I wasn’t really sure how I got here.  I wanted to get out of my old life because I was getting too comfortable, but now that I was about to start my new life, I was a little unsure.  I was starting my new job as an elementary school librarian in the morning, but I had yet to find any clothes that were acceptable to wear to work.  I had had a late start driving and got to my rented house later than any movers would meet me.  I was able to bring some of my boxes of clothes inside, but they were not the right ones and as of right now, my refrigerator was empty. 

On top of not having anything but junk food and all of my work clothes still being in the moving van, there were loud banging noises coming from the backyard.  I was too nervous to go out back because I honestly didn’t know what the backyard looked like in the daylight hours.  How could I assess the situation for danger if I didn’t know what it started out as?  Did the back porch light even work?  Starting my new life was not nearly as smooth as I was hoping it was going to be.  Just before I could get up the courage to check the noises in my backyard, I heard the back door slowly swing open.   


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