Standing Up

I learned about spirituality from my mother when I was still in elementary school.  I latched onto the spirituality and I think it was partially because no one else was into it.  I have always thought religion was an interesting subject and was willing to debate with almost anyone, but I also hated the ‘rules’ that sometimes went along with religion.  I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t take communion at a Catholic church or when people were told who they could or could not marry based on what the Bible said.  I loved rituals, but not rules. 

Through the years, as I read more and more about spirituality, I became entranced with the ideas of communes and cults.  I loved the wild and free ideas I associated with communes and was always amazed that people joined cults and wanted their whole life planned out for them.  I loved debates, thinking for myself and learning as much as I could.  I could never be a part of something that could strip away my sense of self.  The more I looked into communes, the more I thought about joining one. 

I wanted to live one with the Earth and not worry about a 9-5 job that required me to sit behind a computer all day.  My eyes started to burn and my head ached just thinking about computer screens.  The more I researched artist communes, the more entranced I became with them.  I wanted to be free.  And wild.  And me. 


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