Eleanor was the most insecure one of our group of friends.  Her insecurity was a fact not many realized because they always saw her as the beautiful, smart and successful lawyer and many didn’t think to ask anything about her personal life.  Eleanor had the most ‘extra’ appointments in her book partially because her coworkers often asked her to stay late based on the fact she wasn’t married and didn’t have children.  The more time that passed, the more worried I became about Eleanor.  Her calendar was always full and I worried someone was trying to take advantage of her.  I wanted to sit down with her, ask what was going on in her life and hopefully draw her out.   

When I was finally able to track her down and coax her into having a cup of coffee with me, I blurted out what was going on and asked how she was feeling.  She smiled and told me it was none of my business and everything was just fine.  Which was an odd statement coming from Eleanor because she had never been shy before about her personal lives.  We shared tons of information about our personal lives and didn’t know why she would start now.  I knew she was lying and started making plans at how I could keep closer track of what she was doing throughout the day.  Eleanor doesn’t know I have experience stalking people who don’t want to be found.  She’ll never know what hit her. 


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