“I owe you a gin,” Martin said.  “You left the restaurant early the other night before I could make up for spilling your first one.” 

I smiled at Martin before turning back to my computer, hopeful he would leave my office.  There was a reason I left the restaurant early and a reason why I spilled my first one.  Under no circumstance did I want to be alone with Martin.  Especially not outside of the office. 

After I spilled my own drink, I made some excuse about how my boyfriend had just called and since his car wouldn’t start, I was the lucky chauffeur.  I quickly settled my tab and headed out.  Martin didn’t need to know my boyfriend and I had broken up the week before because he would start hanging around more than he already did. 

Martin was at the height of unwanted attention by a coworker.  I always thought he was just lonely, but he was starting to edge into being straight creepy.  Maybe he got the hint that I had to get back to work because he eventually exited my extra chair and headed for the door.  

“I was really sorry to hear that you and Brad broke up last week,” he said pausing at the door.  “I knew how much you cared for him.” 

I knew immediately Martin was responsible for the breakup.  And that he was the man who had been following me.  Following me for the last three months. 


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