To this day, I will never understand what people could possibly be so interested in the game of football.  I tried to get interested and I tried to pay attention when I was watching the games with friends, but I never could get it.  Start.  Stop.  Start.  Stop.  Commercial break.  Start.  Stop.  I made the mistake of going to a college football game with a guy I was interested and  wanted to bang my head against the wall.  How people could love a game that was so slow and violent was beyond me.   

Growing up in a football town, I knew enough to be able to have a rational conversation with people about football and they were always surprised when I told them I didn’t enjoy football.  My day of reckoning came when I met Jeff.  I have always hated the term “love at first sight”, but I will be the first to admit, that’s what Jeff did for me.  Meeting Jeff was the only time I have ever been struck down with not knowing what to talk about.  I was dumbfounded and I was usually the one who people told to stop talking for a minute so they could think.  Jeff was the only reason I became interested in watching football.  I attended games, learned the names of players, but drew a line when Jeff wanted to talk stats.  When he eventually left me for a football player, my enthusiasm for football quickly went back to a solid disinterest.   


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