My Best Friend’s Wedding

When my best friend’s wedding was delayed for no fault of her own, I knew they wouldn’t go through with it.  Less than twenty-four hours before the wedding ceremony was going to take place, a tornado had partially destroyed the church.  Instead of moving the ceremony to another, undamaged church or even the courthouse, Fran and Derek decided to put the wedding off for another six months. 

As soon as I heard they were putting the wedding off, I knew it wasn’t going to happen.  Fran had been having misgivings about the wedding already and the tornado was just her way of placing the blame somewhere other than squarely on her shoulders.  I knew exactly what the problem was and it wasn’t Derek.  Fran was throwing a last minute fit about not wanting to settle down for the rest of her life.  I also knew she was scared of being alone and that was the only reason she had accepted Derek’s proposal.  She thought she loved him, but couldn’t say for sure. 

I’m not sure how she could spend the rest of her life with someone she was so unsure about. 

I knew with the wedding delayed, there was no way Fran would go through with it.  I had six months to get Derek to fall as madly in love with me as I was with him.  But I knew I had to make sure Fran didn’t know and Derek had to think it was all his idea.   


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