The Park

I never wanted to leave the park once we got there.  There were so many things and people to see, how could anyone ever get bored?  My brother always wanted to stay home and play video games with my dad, but I was always after going to the park with my mom.  My brother never believed me when I told him about the dragon’s we slayed and the camels and elephants we rode on during the parade.  His lack of imagination was astonishing.  The fact he could happily stay inside all day always frightened me.  My greatest fear was having to stay inside all day.  I knew I had to find a way to be my own boss or to somehow make sure I was outside the majority of the day. 

I always knew my mother would support my decisions about working no matter what I decided to do.  My father was a totally different story.  He believed the only appropriate job was whatever one could make you the most money.  He didn’t care whether it was inside, outside or whether or not you actually liked what you were doing.  Appearance was the name of the game.   My brother followed in his footsteps.  With my earnings as a landscaper, a bought a small lake house where I planned to write novels and be more successful than my brother who did exactly what everyone expected him to do.  He became an identical copy of my father.  Controlling, angry and bitter. 


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