“He was my ex – he IS my ex.  But I definitely never said that about him and that didn’t ever happen.  Don’t you think I would have told you?  Have you ever even heard me talk about having a drug problem in my past?  Sam, I have only ever smoked marijuana twice in my life so.” 

I thought we were celebrating something when I came home to candles and a home cooked meal.  Turns out, Sam just wanted to soften me up for the conversation where he apparently thought I was a drug addict.  I sat back and waited for him to argue his defense about how he could believe my ex-boyfriend that he had never met.   

Tucker and I dated at the end of high school and our early days of college.  So I guess you could say those were the days when I was learning about myself and how much I could party and still get passing grades in school as well as have an active social life.  Tucker quickly phased out of my life because he was not willing to even attend a party if there was any alcohol in the house. 

“I just want to know the truth,” Sam said leaning forward.  Right then, I knew what was happening.  I knew Sam and I would try to work things out and then eventually we would probably break up because he could never believe me again.  It happens every time Tucker jumps back into the picture. 


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