Conflict Resolution

I did know that Maryanne was having problems with her money, but the less she talked about it, the less I remembered to ask if everything was okay.  After a few weeks of her acting like everything was normal and continuing on with our regular eating out, I allowed myself to pretend like everything was fine.   

Then came the excuses, the lies and the evasion.  I had always thought Maryanne and I were fairly good friends.  Good enough to if there was a problem in our personal lives, we often talked to the other about what was going on.   Or maybe it was just me who asked all for all the help.  Was it just me who needed help?  Was I too emotional and needy and that is what finally drove Maryanne away? 

Or was it her lack of trust that drove us apart?  As Maryanne became more evasive in our friendship, I became nosy.  Since we had been friends for years, I had some suspicions about what she was doing with her money, but I obviously didn’t really know.  It also meant I knew the answers to most of her security questions.  I never knew I could be as nosy as I was and I never knew Maryanne was actually a millionaire.  I knew how I had gotten into her bank account, I just didn’t know then what I know now about where the money came from. 


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