To this day, I don’t understand people who buy new cars just to have new cars.  Or buy new phones just to have new phones.  I don’t know how many times I watch them push their phones around their desk just waiting for someone to ask about it.  All I wanted to do was go on a vacation and get away from most of my coworkers, but realistically I just wanted to get away from my boss.  Once she had us watch videos about respect and trustworthiness only to have the entire training backfire on her when she couldn’t follow through with what the point of the trainings.  When confronted with consistency, reliability, trustworthiness and communication, she completely failed. 

I went to work, did my job and saved all my vacation days so I could get out of town.  I never told my coworkers where I was going as most wanted to be ‘influencers’ and often asked in on what they thought was the newest hot ticket item.  I had no doubts they would end up in the same vacation spot as me because they had done it to my direct supervisor.  I didn’t like any of them enough to see them when I didn’t have to.  Vacations were a chance to get away from the drama, so I was shocked when my boss asked me if she could join me on my latest vacation.  Like the tears in her eyes would help me say anything other than absolutely not. 


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