Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


“I don’t understand how she can be gone so much,” Rebecca told me as we walked out of our English composition class. 

“How can she be getting a paycheck or not be fired when she misses one class every single week?  Especially when we only have two classes, maybe three.”  Mary pushed the door open to let the frigid New York air almost blow our hats off. 

“How does Jack seem to miss almost as many classes and have a better grade than anyone else?”  The two of us burrowed into our coats as we practically ran to the common area to eat our lunch as fast as we could before we crammed for our Chemistry test.   

We had this same discussion almost every week and never came up with a solid answer other than Jack must be having a sordid affair with our English professor.  How they could be carrying on while everyone had suspicions?  I didn’t know how the suspicions had not reached the university President’s office or at least the office of academic integrity.   

After finishing our lunch and heading for the Science building, Rebecca stopped in her tracks at the coffee shop.  Once I bumped into her, I realized what she was looking at and knew exactly why Jack’s affair with our professor had never been outed and no one was fired or failing.  Jack’s father was the President of the university.  I now knew exactly how to graduate at the top of my class. 

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