Cleaning House

The thing I most despised was doing the dishes.  Hated them enough to the point I would rather buy new dishes rather than clean the ones I already had.    My sister, on the other hand, would rather do dishes than laundry.  When we finally moved out and into different apartments when we were in college, we made a pact that we would swap laundry and dish duties once a week.  Every Sunday, Sidney came to my apartment and we talked about the week coming up and tried not to get into each other’s business too much.  Or at least I tried not to get into her business too much. 

I tended to be the nosy and bossy sister.  Or at least that’s what everyone told me and sometimes I believed it and sometimes I didn’t.  I tried to think of myself as caring instead of nagging, but what did they know?  I always knew when things were happening in everyone’s life because I cared.  How can they tell me what I already knew?  Besides, how can I know what is going on in my sister’s life when she had already cut everyone in our family out?  Someone had to take care of her and keep her straight after her husband disappeared.  Otherwise, everyone might find out that the two of us were the reason he disappeared.  And that I told my sister how we would carry out my plan. 


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