My Missing Sister

Needless to say, I thought the entire event was fairly traumatizing.  I had never wanted to participate, but my older sister had told me the party would be quiet and uneventful.  Though it was fairly uneventful to a degree, it was the after party where things got a little on the strange part.   

Things started to get a little strange when I couldn’t find my phone or keys or anything I knew I had had the night before at the party.  It didn’t seem like something Kelly would do. She wouldn’t make sure I made it home safely without any of my belongings. 

“Hey Kelly!  Time to get up!” I called down the hall.  The stove clock said it was past noon.  I hadn’t slept this late in years.  I knew Kelly had to be awake because she had never slept past 8 AM in her life. 

“What is going on?”  I muttered to myself.  As I started toward her room, I suddenly had a sinking feeling in my guy.  No way we would both still be in bed unless something had happened.  I knocked on her door and when she didn’t answer, I slowly opened her bedroom door. 

What I found didn’t shock me, but wasn’t any less unnerving at the same time.  Her bed was not slept in, but her purse, phone and everything else she carried was on her nightstand.  I knew she was gone and had completely separated herself.  I just hoped she was alive. 


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