You Can’t Back Out Now

“Are you against me now?”  I asked.  “Yesterday you were totally on board with this plan.” 

“That’s because you didn’t tell me the entire plan.  I’m okay with a fun trick, but not to actually harm someone.” Sarah was starting to shake. 

“Nobody is really going to get hurt that badly.  Just a few bumps and bruises along the way.  If that.”  

“No.  I won’t do it.”  Sarah’s voice was trembling now and I was beginning to wonder if she would actually go along with my plan.  Everything had been fine until today.  But nothing was really going to happen.  Nobody was really going to get hurt.  My plan was to just scare Amy and Emily.  Not to hurt them.  Sarah obviously didn’t believe me. 

“We’ve already agreed.  You’ve already said you would help.  You can’t back out now,” I said crossing my arms. 

“Yes.  I can.  I’m not doing it.”  Sarah took a step back as if she was ready to run.  As if I was going to hurt her too.  I grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the car. 

“Nobody is going to get hurt if you just listen to me.  We are only going to scare them.  Just listen to what I have planned.” 

Before I could even launch into my newest plan, Sarah jumped out of the car and toward the highway.  Right to where I knew she would get hurt.  Because this was not part of the plan. 


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