Why is it unreadable?”  I asked my friend Crystal.  “Why do I even try to read anything that he was written?  I would think a professor would be a bit more legible with his remarks.” 

“I can’t believe you actually try and read his comments,” Crystal said flipping through a magazine.  “Why do you even care?” 

When I glanced back at my paper and then back to Crystal.  I was always surprised how she could get by so well in school and never seemed to care.  She was more interested in reading trash magazines than she was in reading textbooks.  How she could make passing grades in any of her classes was beyond me. 

I took a deep breath and threw the paper onto my desk. 

“Let’s go get a drink,” I said.  I picked up my keys and purse and headed for the door. 

“Yes.  Finally.”  Crystal jumped off her bed and was ready to go before I even had my shoes on. 

“Where are we going?  Tom’s?  I always liked that bar,” she said impatiently. 

“Tom’s is an old man bar,” I said searching for my jacket. 

“That’s exactly why I like it,” she said. 

Ten minutes later we were in the parking lot of Tom’s.  When I suggested we go for drinks, I hadn’t exactly thought we would end up here.  When I caught Crystal smiling at our statistics professor, I knew what really was going on.  And why she never had to study. 


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