A Night in the Forest

“How was your first night in the forest?” My brother asked.  He pulled his wool cap down lower over his ears and tried not to frown.  Or was he trying not to smile?  He knew I hated camping, but here we were.  Camping.  Once upon a time I had liked camping, but my brother had been so intent on taking me all the time, I had started to resent it.  And him. 

“It wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting.  I’m not sure though.  About coming again.  I’ll need another blanket to stay here tonight.” 

I didn’t entirely want to admit to my brother that I had actually enjoyed camping again.  It was nice to be outside again and to not be sitting around the house all day.  I had forgotten how much I liked waking up with the sun and listening to the birds sing.  I just didn’t quite want to tell Nathan that quite yet.  I wanted to make him wait it out because I knew he wasn’t great at waiting. 

I knew he kept his car stocked with his camping and hiking gear so he could leave at a moment’s notice.  Being stuck inside was his greatest fear.  I would never tell him my greatest fear.  No one would ever know.  No one would know the real reason I had stopped camping in the first place.  It was the man who came into our campground in the middle of the night and died outside my tent. 


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