Big Hero

“I can’t believe you thought she would fall for it.  You being a hero and all.”  James lifted my suitcase into the trunk and slammed it shut. 

“Well, it was worth a shot,” I said shrugging.  “She always loved fairy tales when we were growing up so I thought I could be her knight in shining armor.” 

I knew I was grinning stupidly, but I couldn’t help myself.  Eliza was the girl of my dreams and I was trying to win her over by any means possible.  So far I have been completely unsuccessful.  I refused to give up and still had a couple more tricks up my sleeve. 

I knew Eliza would fall for me eventually even if she didn’t know it herself.  Eliza was the girl of my dreams and I knew we were perfect together.  I knew her schedule, her friends, her clothes.  I knew where she ate out on the weekends and where she did her grocery shopping.  I knew how to bump into her around town without drawing suspicion. 

I knew she wouldn’t forget me if I wouldn’t let her.  I knew how to keep myself at the front of her mind.  II managed to keep myself separated just enough from my family and friends that they didn’t realize what I was doing. 

My next plan to get Eliza to fall in love with me was already in motion.  I just had to get into her bedroom again and wait until she came home. 


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