“My lovebird,” I thought as I watched him sleep.  I didn’t know how I had gotten so lucky to have him in my life.  We had run into each other at an art gallery the year before and had run into each other a few times since then.  He asked me out after meetups, but I was a little wary.  He reminded me of all those jocks I went to high school with.  He was just short of my expectations when he didn’t pop the collar on any of his shirts. 

I agreed to meet him at the newest art opening last year and here we are.  I was pleasantly surprised when he treated me well and didn’t push me to go any farther than I was ready for.  The last guy I dated almost put me in the hospital before I pulled myself together. 

Now Joseph was here and I prayed every day he wouldn’t find out what skeletons I have in the closet.  Why I couldn’t have him stay at my house and why I always stay at his place.  Or why I can’t introduce him to my family or my friends from high school.  If Joseph ever finds out that my ex-boyfriend is dead because of me, I know he will leave me.  And he will turn me into the police if he finds out my name is Ashley and not Natasha.  Natasha doesn’t have a warrant out for her arrest. 


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