My New Bikini

By the second week  of my new job, I knew I had made a mistake.  I never should have given up my part-time job to take on a new, full-time job.  I hadn’t really needed the extra money, I was more in for the health benefits the job provided.  But now that I had met my new boss, I wasn’t quite sure the benefits outweighed my sanity.  I longed for the freedom of a part-time job and the freedom to make my own schedule. 

My new boss was completely incapable of doing her job.  She wrote memos and emails about processes that I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand.  But she’s the boss so what can we do?  I haven’t even been full-time for fourteen days and I am already trying to find a way around my current position.  Maybe I could work from home or my grandmother could by slowly dying and I was the only one who could take care of her.  Maybe I could suddenly become allergic to sunlight. 

At the end of the second week, I decided I needed a vacation.  I called out sick for Monday and bought a new bikini.  The beach was calling my name and I planned to be there all day if not all week.  The sun was shining and the water was warm.  My perfectly crafted vacation plans took a tumble when my boss showed up in a matching bikini. 


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