Nosy Parker

I had always been nosy growing up and it only intensified when I became a teenager.  I started babysitting when I was fifteen so I could make some extra cash, but I also wanted to learn as much about my neighbors and friends that I could.  My favorite book growing up at been Harriet the Spy so I knew my calling was to be a spy and just call myself a private investigator.  Ove my years of being a private investigator (spy), I had become very adept at not getting caught while I was snooping.  I trained myself to look at the room before I started looking snooping so I could make sure everything was put back in exactly the same spot. 

I had a pretty regular babysitting for the Youngs and their two sons.  I had always liked the wife, Marcie, but always had gotten a weird vibe from her husband.  I could never shake the vibe, but always made sure I was never alone in the room with Bill for long.  But they paid the most out of anyone I babysat for so I kept going even though he never made any threats, there was an underlying tension when we were together.  Naturally, he was my favorite person to spy on.  The day I found a picture with him and my dog that had ‘disappeared’ was the day I knew I would never babysit again.  He had killed my dog and I knew how to prove it. 


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