The Ultimate Fortune Cookie

My favorite food has always been Chinese.  My family did not go out to dinner very often and I always chose the nearest Chinese restaurant when it was my turn to choose where we ate.  Now that I am living on my own, I order in Chinese food every Sunday night.  Every once in a while I splurge and take myself out to eat at the same restaurant I ate with my family as a child, but I always make sure to go alone.  After my family died, I rarely went because the memories were too painful.  Now I go by myself just so I can remember. 

I always thought the car accident that killed my parents and younger brother was suspicious, but police were adamant my father fell asleep at the wheel.  I know they never checked the car for suspicious damage when they were finally able to pull it out of the river.  No matter how many times I checked, I was always told the case was closed and please stop calling. 

I have never been fully able to give up on my family, but have tried to move on.  Eating lots of Chinese food has definitely helped.  Until last week.  As I opened my fortune cookie at Chinese Kitchen, my stomach dropped.  I instantly knew that whoever killed my parents was finally back.  My fortune read “Your life is in danger.  Say nothing to anyone.  You must leave the city immediately and never return.  Repeat: say nothing.” 


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