I always thought Simon drank to have a good time.  We met in college and he was always the life of the party.  The two of us became inseparable during college and now that we’ve graduated, I’m wondering if his drinking stems from a problem he has never told me about. 

Next week, my boss and his wife invited us for dinner and I am concerned on how Simon is going to behave.  Will it be one glass of wine or three?  Will he spill all my secrets like he has the tendency to do? 

“Simon?  Next Tuesday, my boss and his wife invited us for dinner so I’m hoping you’ll be home early from work,” I said softly, trying to gently remind him so he wouldn’t stay late. “Don’t worry.  I’ll be home with plenty of time,” he said waving off my reminder.  All I heard was that he would forget what I said as soon as he walked out.  I was beginning to wonder if I should call off sick.  I’m not sure I could handle my husband having one too many drinks with my boss. 

When Tuesday rolled around, I was almost sick to my stomach.  Simon had come home from work on time, but had been sullen all night so I had no real hope his behavior would change once he had his first glass of wine.   

“Let me tell you what happened on our wedding night…” he started as he leaned forward in his chair. 


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