The Enemy

I didn’t have a very easy childhood.  I never knew my mother and my father was often working multiple jobs to keep food on the table.  I think my mom died shortly after I was born, but at 21, I still can’t get my father to tell me exactly what happened to her.  I never had the ‘cool’ clothes and usually my father and I went shopping at the local Salvation Army. 

Once I bought a shirt that somehow had belonged to a girl who also attended Lincoln Elementary School and it was the first time I ever got noticed by one of the ‘popular’ girls.  I had been excited to find such a nice shirt and one that was not faded as most of my other shirts were.  I saved wearing it for the first time on my birthday.  To my horror, Dawn made sure the entire school knew I had bought her shirt from a secondhand store and made my life a living hell. 

By the time I made it to high school, Dawn had been terrorizing me for years and I was about to my breaking point when I met Donovan.  I knew Dawn was interested in him, but I knew everything she didn’t.  I had become a master at manipulation under her reign of terror and knew exactly how to turn him on her.  I plotted her demise and swore she was soon to be as miserable as I had been for five long years. 


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