The Missing Phone

There was a reason I lived in a small town.  I hated traffic and I hated walking in a crowd.  I could even come close to saying, I sometimes hate people.  I wish it was normal to walk around with an actual personal space bubble.  I didn’t like being jostled or touched by strangers. 

On my way home from work today, an older man elbowed me so hard in the ribs, I actually lost my breath.  I had to sit down on the bench meant for the bus stop because it took so long to catch my breath.  The worst part of the whole situation was the fact that the man who elbowed me didn’t even slow down afterwards.  I was now going to be late for dinner so I reached into my coat pocket for my phone so I could let Chad know what had happened. 

That’s when I noticed my phone was gone.  The man who elbowed me must have taken it right away and I hadn’t noticed. 

“Oh shit,” I said out loud.  All of my work documents that I wasn’t supposed to have outside the office were on that phone.  If anyone saw the documents on my phone, I would be fired and possibly jailed. 

Instead of calling the police, I began to plan how I would track the man down.  I had to get the phone back by any means necessary.  I started to plot my revenge.  Step one was to sharpen my knife. 


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