The Affair

I’ve been suspicious of my husband for several weeks now.  The more I pay attention to his movements before and after work, I am pretty convinced he is having an affair.  Which wouldn’t entirely surprise me or even bother me that much.  We had not really had much in common since our children had moved out of the house.  He started to spend more time at “work” and I started to spend more time volunteering.  The way he emphasized work was what started to make me suspicious.  I knew he left work around five and on a normal day was home by about 5:30.  When he started calling at 5:15 telling me he was still at work or on the days came home early he was always explaining himself away. 

He had never explained his time at work before so why was he starting now?  I knew I could always show up at his office randomly for lunch or invite him out to drinks at the end of the day and use my volunteering schedule as an excuse for why I was downtown.  The first time I showed up for drinks, his secretary was shocked.  She scrambled, confused as to why I was showing up unexpectedly and needed to cover up something illicit.  When my husband came out with a sheepish look on his face, I knew I had caught him.  The next day I realized I had almost bombed his retirement party with his new girlfriend. 


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