Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories

Getting Fired

I knew my boss wasn’t too fond of fan of me.  Probably because I knew what I was doing and often would send emails with questions he did not have an answer to.  Instead of answering the emails appropriately, he would often act very aggressive.  I think he felt threatened because of the fact I could do my job without much oversight from him.  I finally stopped asking questions when he would sigh when I would approach him in the staff room.  I knew questions made him uncomfortable, but how was I going to get better at my job if I didn’t have all the information?   

I knew something was up when he started taking notes on what time I got in.  Or when he started attending my one-on-one meetings with my direct supervisor.  Attending an employee’s one-on-one was something that had never happened before… unless there was trouble.  I knew in September he was trying to build a case to fire me.  I began to show up early to work and didn’t leave until the clock said 5:01.  I never left for lunch just in case I hit traffic and didn’t make it back in time. 

His attentiveness made my hyper aware of what was going on around me.  That’s how I knew he was cheating on his wife.  I started to leave clues on his desk when he was out of the office and his paranoia led to his downfall.  Now I just watch him suffer for fun. 

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