I knew who Taylor was before we were introduced.  Or I guess I should say re-introduced.  I had sat behind him in eighth grade algebra and I used to have the biggest crush on him.  For years.  He was dating Melinda who was the most popular girl in our grade.  And they dated on and off for years.  I never had any real problems with Melinda, but I never really liked her that much.  She never did anything outright terrible to me, but she was never exactly nice to me.  Taylor kind of gave me the side eye when we met Chris introduced us.  Kind of like he knew me, but kind of like he didn’t remember.  

I think I know Samantha, but I can’t remember from where.  She looked so familiar, but why was she staring at me like that?  Maybe Chris meant to introduce me to someone else because why would he introduce me to someone I already knew?  Did he know something I didn’t know?  Chris was usually a very steady guy who didn’t often forget when he introduces people like he is the ultimate matchmaker.  I tried to act like I wasn’t suddenly panicking because I couldn’t remember where we met.  I was getting a little nervous that Samantha had played a large part in my life, but just couldn’t remember a single thing about her.  When she laughed, it hit me.  She had been the biggest drug distributer at our high school. 


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