Wild Women

A tribe of wild women.  These are the women I want to send my life with.  Wild women.  Women who are not afraid and women who live their life.  I want to be with women who wear their clothes loudly and wear purple when they want. 

The risk takers.  The dreamers.  The trouble makers.  No one wants to believe we are here.  But here we are.  No one will shut us up or shut us in.  I will speak my mind and I will wear the clothes I want.  I will not listen to the words of those who are ‘popular’ or are ‘influencers’ to decide who I am and who I want to be. 

My tribe of wild women are who sustain me through all my dark days and through all my mornings of insecurity.  I can tell them what I want and what I am thinking with no chances of repercussions.  What I said was not judged and did not leave the group.  I had a safe space to talk and we all knew it.  I did anything and everything to meet my friends at least once a week.  I would wake up early, in cold, heat or rain just to meet my people.  Travel near and far just to see them. 

These wild women.  My soulmates.  What I wouldn’t do to see them on a regular basis.  The early mornings brought life lessons I never would have learned on my own or with coworkers or family. 


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