Don’t Fall

As I looked at the sidewalk, I wondered how I had even gotten myself into this position.  I was fifty floors up, clinging onto my apartment building for dear life.  Just this morning, I was sitting at my office desk, trying to plan out when I could go on my next vacation.  Now I wasn’t even sure if I would live long enough to go on another vacation.  Growing up in an agnostic household, I had never been much of a religious person, but I had a straight conversation with God about how I would go to church every day for the rest of the month (maybe I should make it the rest of my life) if he would let me live.  Justin was the main reason I was out on the ledge and about to fall. 

Justin, who had acted so casual about what was going on, was unconscious on my living room floor.  All I had heard was the knock on the door, the mumbled conversation and then Justin was out.  The next few moments were all a blur which probably explains why I am now on the ledge contemplating how my life will end.  Will it hurt?  Will everything go quickly?  Maybe I’ll suffer from lack of oxygen falling from the 50th floor.  I won’t even know how it ends.  Justin won’t even know what happened.  And it was all his idea to stay in the haunted hotels.  Little did he know, ghosts are real. 


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