Standing Room Only

A World of Short Stories


The first time I saw snow I thought I was going to faint.  Jessica had convinced me to come to New Mexico for Spring Break and I had been very skeptical.  I usually head to the beach for vacations.  I needed the sun, the water and the heat.  Landry and I had taken our last vacation together to Mexico and he broke up with me as soon as we got back so I figured now was the best time for a change.  Landry and I had been together for three years when he abruptly broke it off after our trip.  I had been positive he was going to propose on that trip and had been disappointed when he hadn’t.  When he broke up with me two days after we got back, I was blindsided. 

Two months later and I was finally starting to feel a little more like myself.  Living in a big city like Houston, I never got to experience the silence of small towns.  Or the silence snow brought to a small town. 

I settled in to watch the snow fall and was letting myself get lulled back into sleep when I saw him.  There was a half-naked man limping through the snow toward our bed and breakfast.  And he was staring at the window to our room.  I leaned back into the shadows as he got closer, hoping he hadn’t seen me.  It wasn’t until he was right outside the window that I realized it was Landry. 

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