Our Way Out

My brother and I were always dreaming up stories of how we were going to get out of the small town we lived in.  We often got into trouble as we were always searching for new ways to get out of town other than by Main Street.  Escaping down the only street in town seemed a little too casual.  Sheriff Conway called us the town prowlers as we were always on the loose around town.  Our parents both worked full-time so after school we did whatever we wanted as long as we were home by 7:30 for dinner. 

Summertime was our best time.  We usually got up with our parents because we wouldn’t have another hot meal until they came home from work.  Even though we had food to eat throughout the day sometimes we got bored of making ourselves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  And if we were up at 7, we had plenty of time to plan our escape out of town.    

Every time a building was closed or condemned, Kirk and I would scope it out for future tools for our fort.  More often than not there were forgotten tools and paint we would take home and stash in our fort.  Our last summer in town was the year we found the secret passageway leading out of town.  It was like all our dreams had come true.  Until Kirk disappeared. 


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