Grand Piano

Nine months ago I finally got up the courage to buy a grand piano for my living room.  I had written songs when I was younger and was getting the urge to start writing music again.  I was pretty sure I was at the beginning of a mid-life crisis.  It was one of the perks of living alone and owning my own house – I could buy and do whatever I wanted.  Whenever I wanted.  I started off slowly by teaching my brain and my hands how to play the basic scales on the piano before I brought out the easiest sheet music I could find.  I was a little nervous I wouldn’t remember how to play or how to read the music.  But once I got over my initial nerves, I thought I wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. 

I soon started finding sheet music that was more difficult and was excited to find the local community college had continuing education classes for piano performance.  I knew I would not be taken seriously as a piano player, but there was a stage performance at the end of the semester.  I practiced until my fingers got sore, but it wasn’t until the night before the performance when I realized there was a problem.  I played my song one last time to make sure I knew it by heart.  When I finished, I took a deep breath and that’s when I froze.  Somebody was clapping for me.  


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