I’ve never been a very decisive person.  Ever.  I can’t make up my mind what my favorite food is, where I want to eat when I go out and especially on what I’m going to do when I go on vacation.  I tell my friends I don’t really care what we do and that I am happy with everything, but I’m scared of making decisions.  What if it’s the wrong one?  What if it makes somebody upset?  What if someone got mad at me?  I wouldn’t know how to handle the fact somebody might be mad at me over what I suggested we eat for dinner. 

One friend has recently been asking me to make a decision and she would stop trying to make plans together because I was backing out so much.  But if my mom calls and tells me I need to take groceries to my grandparents, that is obviously the important thing to do.  I can get together for a drink any old time, but how often will my grandparents need food?  My friends will understand I am doing this for my family when I call to reschedule.  If I call at all.  If I’m not home, obviously something important has come up.  She’ll understand.  Family is important. 

But I found the more often I broke plans, the less frequent my friends called.  But I still don’t quite understand. Why is it so wrong to be helpful and accommodating?  Even at the expense of my social life? 


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