My secret

“I’m pregnant,” I whispered to my sister.  “Ryan doesn’t know.  Neither do mom or dad.” 

Sarah kept on snoring lightly.  I realized she had fallen asleep before I could confess the secret I had been keeping for several weeks.  Even though she hadn’t heard me, I realized I already felt better.  So I kept whispering to her about how I felt about being pregnant and how I knew how my life was going to change.  Eventually I fell asleep only to be woken up in the morning by my father barging into the bedroom.  Sarah wasn’t next to me in bed so I knew the anger was directed toward me. 

“Grab your stuff and get out my house.  I will not let harlots live under my roof.”  He was shaking with fury.  “You have one hour to pack your stuff and leave.” 

Sarah had always been my father’s favorite.  And had always been his favorite.  She had turned into his spy without me knowing.  She hadn’t been asleep last night.  She had just been pretending so I would tell her about what my father had suspected.  As I hurriedly packed what I thought I might need in the next few days, Sarah walked in, looking smug.   

“Why?”  I said and she shrugged.  She couldn’t even give me the courtesy of telling me why she was responsible for getting me kicked out.  Sarah would be sitting pretty as I fought for myself and my baby.  I was seventeen, pregnant and homeless. 


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