I knew what I had to do to make sure my brother didn’t graduate.  Because if he did graduate, I knew his life would be ruined.  He had this girlfriend who was dead set on convincing him that she was the one he needed to marry.  But she would not marry him if he did not have a degree.  Preferably he would have multiple degrees.  She wanted to marry a doctor or a lawyer, but I knew if my brother did not even have a bachelor’s degree, his entire life would not be mapped out for him. 

I knew he would never break up with Shawna.  Her father was rich and powerful and Shawna was smart, cunning and had her whole life planned out.  She told him Tim she was applying to grad school as well as law school and she would accept the offer of what school was closest to him.  I knew for a fact she was not applying for any school and was planning to get pregnant as soon as he got accepted and they were married.  Or maybe she would get pregnant before they were even married so she wouldn’t have to go through the motions of pretending to apply for school or jobs. 

Some kind of scandal would end the relationship.  Her father would not allow for a scandal to envelope his life of luxury.  I just didn’t know Shawna would bring the scandal herself.  All I had to do was sit back and watch. 


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