This was by far the highest stakes game of rock-paper-scissors I had ever played.  And it was only Tuesday.  I knew my life depended on it, but wasn’t sure how serious Adam would take this game.  I knew he was dangerous, but how far would he take a game?  And would he really lock me back into the closet again if I lost?  I had already spent the majority of the last two days in the closet.  What had started off as a fun vacation had quickly turned into a nightmare.  Jessica swore that Adam was a great guy and would be the life of the party.  She again swore to me this morning she didn’t know how dangerous he was.  I haven’t seen her in the last few hours so I was certain he had done something to her. 

What he had done to her or where she could possibly be, I have no idea.  I felt my heart rate speed up as I watched Adam get ready.  I felt the bead of sweat roll down the small of my back.  I always thought I had some kind of sense of strategy on paper-rock-scissors, but how can you have a strategy when you’re playing against a maniac?  Tears started to roll down my cheeks as we started to play.  And that’s when the cameras came back on. 

“Surprise!”  He yelled, smiling.  I stared at him, stunned. 

“What the fuck,” I said just before punching him in the face. 


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