Wake-up Call

Had I known, I was going to have guests at 4 AM, I would’ve tidied up.  I know it was Friday night (or I guess now Saturday morning) but who in their right mind is still awake at 4 am?  And who thinks it would be a good idea to go to someone else’s house at 4 AM to see why they were not a part of the party?  My best friend, Amber, and her boyfriend showed up at my tiny apartment with an entire band in tow this morning at 4 AM.   

“HIIIII!  We’re here to pick up you.  Picks yous up.  Pick you up,” Amber slurred as I opened the door as far as the chain would let me. 

“Amber, what are you doing?  Why are you here?”  I tried to hide behind the door as more of the band members came into view. 

“We need to come in.  It’s important,” she whispered loudly.   

I quickly unchained and opened the door as I saw the doors of several of my neighbors start to open.  All I needed was another noise violation, courtesy of Amber and her entourage.  As Amber and the band staggered their way into my apartment all I could think about how messy it was and how I wished I didn’t wear old t-shirts and shorts to sleep in.  Especially when I met the drummer.  He was everything I ever wanted.  I knew because I had already stalked him. 


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