Living on the Edge

I knew what I was getting into.  Kind of.  I knew I didn’t want to live in a traditional house and was shopping around for different recreational vehicles to buy and move into.  I was renting a room from a friend as I only had to pay for the $250 rent plus whatever groceries I wanted for the week.  Though recently things between us started to get strange.  My food was slowly disappearing.  My clothes were disappearing out of my closet only to reappear a few days later, but dirty and on a different hanger.  Any time I asked Rick about my food and/or clothes, she had some vague remark about how it wasn’t here.  But we were the only two who lived in the house so I’m not sure how she expected me to believe that. 

After two months of my food and clothes disappearing, I finally got serious about living on the road.  I found an old school bus for sale and bought it immediately.  I had been obsessively reading about repurposing vans and was fairly certain about my capabilities.  As soon as I paid my bills and found a campsite that would allow me to park my bus for an undetermined amount of time, I moved out.  After a few months, I was starting to get a little bored living by myself in a huge bus so I decided to post an ad for a ‘roommate’.  Much to my surprise, Rick was the first to respond.   


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