The Wedding

My first thought was to scream.  Then cry.  Then I was furious.  I took off my heels and threw them at my mother and Isaac.   

“You have got to be kidding me.”  I was too furious to even raise my voice.  How could they be kissing passionately today, of all days. 

“Well, uh…  Michelle.  Let me explain,” Isaac stuttered.   

I looked at my mother and she smirked.  No apology would ever come out of her mouth.  She always seemed to go and do what was worst for me.  All the people who claimed mothers only wanted best for their children had very clearly never met my mother.  She frequently stabbed my in the back and threw me under the bus so finding them kissing was really no surprise. 

“I think I know everything I need to know,” I said as I turned on my bare feet and walked away.  The cold tile made me wish I hadn’t thrown my heels at them, but nothing could be done about that now. 

“No!  Really.  Please come back.  Don’t leave it like this.”  Isaac grabbed my hand and tried to pull me back to him.   

“I will not come back,” I said through gritted teeth. 

“But I love you,” he whispered. 

“We were supposed to get married.  In twenty minutes.  And I just found you making out with my mother.  MY MOTHER.” 


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