Secret Ingredients

“Hi cousin, I’m calling in hopes you have Grandma’s secret cake recipe.  I have been trying everything I can think of in hopes of making a cake for Jason for his birthday, but I can’t find her recipe.  I know I am just missing one thing, but don’t know what it is.  Love you, bye.” 

My cousin’s voicemail had me in hysterics.  Mainly due to the fact she is not much of a baker.  I can only see her in the kitchen trying to make a cake with pots and pans spread out everywhere.  She cooks like her mother – very messy, but usually very delicious.  Usually.  I have had a few meals at her house where I have dumped most of the dinner into the trash can when she wasn’t looking. 

As soon as I could get myself under control, I called Makenzie back to ask about her cake making disasters.  Maybe disaster was too strong of a word, but I had to hear all of the different secret ingredients she has tried.  I knew the secret ingredient, but I had to know what she had tried. 

“So here’s what I have tried – vanilla, dark chocolate, unsalted and salted butter…”   

I had to cover my mouth with my hand to keep myself from laughing out loud at all the different combinations she had tried in her cakes.  Finally, I couldn’t help myself and started laughing out loud.  And hysterically.   

“The secret ingredient..  is that grandma used a boxed cake mix!” 


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