The Dog Ate My Homework

I had never used the excuse of my dog eating my homework until now.  At the worst possible time.  I had been about to type my essay for grad school on my laptop, but Tank, my lovable but idiotic pug, had eaten it.  I always do my writing on a typewriter first because I love the sound the keys make.  Click, click, click.  The clicking drives my boyfriend crazy so I end up using my laptop more often when he is around.   

This essay was too big of a deal for me to write the whole thing on my laptop.  I tend to get more of a writer’s block if I don’t start on my typewriter first.  To be fair, it is my own mental block that keeps me from typing and thinking clearly, but it’s the clicking damn it.  But then here comes Tank to the ‘rescue’ to save me from myself.  The only problem being is that I left this essay to the last moment away and my only copy was not a slobbering mess partially still in Tank’s mouth. 

I began to hyperventilate as I saw the time.  The essay was due in less than three hours and I still had not gotten any of it into my laptop.  Maybe it was a sign.  Maybe I shouldn’t be going to grad school.  Maybe I should stay where I am.  Maybe the dog just saved my life.  Or did Tank ruin it? 


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