Mountain Proposal

I let the cold mountain air float all around me before I went back inside.  I told Max I was trying to acclimate to our new life in the mountains, but I hadn’t told him the entire truth.  Not really.  I did want to try and get used to the cold, but I also found it suffocating to be in the same room with Max for too long.  We had been dating for about six months when I had accepted a job just outside of Denver.  Max hadn’t been too keen on his IT position for the local college so he just up and quit his job without telling me.  All of this was sort of a shock to me as I was thinking of ending things with him before he told me.   

How could I break up with him now?  He had just quit his job to move with me because he wanted to keep things going.  I didn’t know how to tell him I didn’t feel exactly the same way.  Before he quit his job, the two of us had never even talked about moving in together.  And I’m not sure I wanted to now.  But how was I going to get him to move out?  He had been here for two months and still didn’t have a job.  I took a deep breath before heading back inside.  I gasped when I saw Max.  He was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. 


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