Never Forget

“We don’t have another choice,” I told my friend, Sam.  “We have to take this test before he will let us leave.  Just tell the truth and we will be fine.”  

Sam patted my shoulder and acted like nothing was going on.  Like everything that had happened tonight was a normal Friday night house party. 

“We will be fine?”  I practically screamed.  “We are being held hostage in Jake’s house!  He literally won’t let us leave.  What is going on?  Why are we still here?” 

I knew that we were in deep shit.  We had been now for the last ten hours and Sam was just now figuring that out.  She had swore up, down, left and right that this party would be full of all of our friends, but made excuses the more time went on and they didn’t show up.  Obviously the frat boys did.  They showed up in force and the more they drank, the less safe I felt. 

Now here we were, several hours later and I couldn’t remember what happened.  I didn’t have anything to drink that any guy had given me – only what Sam had brought me drinks.  And she must have put something in my drink.  I was becoming more sure of the fact I had been raped. 


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